Thank you Lynn for the wonderful job you have done with my grandfather's trust and working through all of the details after his passing. I love your hand holding style, it has done wonders for our family to get through this difficult time. It has been a pleasure to have you as our attorney. Your knowledge and patience has been second to none! Sincerely,
Dawn F.

My wife and I were very fortunate to be recommended and referred to Lynn Boynton during the refinancing of my home over 20 years ago. Her extensive knowledge and friendly demeanor allowed us to be well informed and at ease with the overwhelming process and paperwork to be completed during the process. Throughout the years Lynn has been able to assist with various issues and assistance to our family for other matters. Recently we went thru some mortgage and financial issues and again we called Lynn for advice. She again took the strain of an extremely overwhelming problem and made us feel at ease. We cannot thank her enough for making us feel more like family than just another client for all she has done for us throughout the years.
Tom & Rae P.  Olney, Maryland

I have used Lynn for all of my real estate settlements for over 15 years. She takes the word commitment and service to the next level. Lynn usually knows how to diffuse issues when they arise in a real estate transaction, but if she can not do it immediately, she will draw upon her vast knowledge of contacts to help to find out who can solve the issue. She has also done my personal estate planning and I feel so much at ease now knowing that my assets are protected and that my family will receive what they are due in case something happens to me. That can be a very complicated and delicate issue, but Lynn has the right demeanor to work through it with individuals and couples who have to make difficult decisions. Patience is one of her best virtues. Michael R.

It is difficult to express just how much it meant to my entire family to be in the compassionate and highly capable hands of Lynn Boynton for the Trust and Estate Planning of my parents during their time of need. When my Dad recognized that the time had come to update his final Estate Planning and Trust, Lynn met with him and my Mom to fully understand their wishes, and then worked quickly and efficiently to structure a comprehensive plan to meet all of their needs and concerns. Trusts, Wills, Powers of Attorney and Advance Medical Directives are among the many items that are necessary, but often confusing and sometimes even frightening to the average person. Lynn's calming, professional, and thorough approach was reassuring and gave my parents the confidence that they were both prepared and protected, enabling them to focus their attention on the truly important things, each other and the family. She was a blessing to us. John M.

Largely due to your efforts within, above and beyond, and below and benath the call of duty, we finally settled on ____ Street, this afternoon. Had it not been for your time., energy, acumen, tenacity, etc. we would never have gotten an indemnity from ____ and would likely never have settled. Again, thanks beyond words, Chris K.

Thank you so much for your seemingly unending assistance with my trust. Your work and your manner are both top notch. You are an "angel walking on this earth". Michael S.

It is a pleasure to know you and to work with you and again I want to thank you for making this venture pleasant. I am very satisfied and feel that we have done the best thing for all. I hope the New Year will bring you every happiness and continued success. God Bless, Joan M.


I need to thank you again for all your help, patience, compassion and guidance over the past year. You have relieved me of many burdens, both real and imagined, and have been instrumental in helping me get focused on the time that remains ahead. I am especially appreciative with your counsel regarding the necessity of helping my daughter get started on her estate planning. Thank you. P. L.

Thank you for all the understanding, generosity and compassion for my disabled daughter's unfortunate situation. God bless you! Sincerely, L. D.

Thanks very much for your care, kindness and considerable patience in dealing with mom and pulling this revision together. She values you as a trusted friend. That's an observation seldom said. D.F.

Grace and peace Lynn. We were blessed, back on the 20th, to have you with us again, teaching about advance planning. I feel like we are turning a corner in our ministry, where this kind of conversation is not only accepted but welcomed. A great deal of the credit goes to you. Thanks for the preparation, the handouts, and most of all for your willingness to make this contribution.

Working with you on ____'s sale and all my other client's sales, was a pleasure. Your professional and helpful manner made what is often a confrontation into a friendly and beneficial transaction. If I am ever asked to recommend a real estate attorney, I will not hesitate to provide your name. Thanks again for everything. L.S.

Thank you very much for all your help in setting up the Trust agreement for us. I would highly recommend anyone needing a Trust to use your services. The very organized binders you supplied us with have made it easy to keep track of it all. I appreciate your follow though on the project. Thanks again, R.F.

Lynn is a wonderful and caring attorney. Lynn grew up in a close-knit family and is a mother and a grandmother. Lynn gets the need to protect yourself and your assets for your heirs. Part of her estate planning is preparing medical directives (free) for your children. When we updated our wills and did the medical directives my youngest child was 21. I got everything notarized in January of 2017 and 2 months later my son had a stroke and had to have 3 surgeries to save his life. Lucky for us, he came out of this okay but I was grateful during that "touch and go time" that I was going to be the one calling the shots on his medical care. I was so grateful Lynn offered this service and free of charge to boot. It speaks to how compassionate she is and in her line of work she has seen things she does not want other people to have to experience. Kerry S.

I am so pleased to be able to recommend Lynn Caudle Boynton. The quality of her practice of law is exemplary. In all aspects of her legal work, she performs at the highest level-in real estate settlements, wills and trusts, personal and professional matters alike. Dede, Realtor, Re/Max Realty Group

Lynn was appointed by the court as the Trustee in a very difficult case, and in the 6 months we had to work together I found her to be very professional, responsive, diligent, patient, and eager to find solutions to everyone's concerns. It has truly been a pleasure working with her, and I would highly recommend Lynn as a Trustee in any high-conflict situation. Regina D.

I have known Lynn for over 30 years. You cannot find a more caring, diligent and competent lawyer for your real estate, estate planning, and estate administration needs. Her deep commitment to serving people and her ability to quickly and efficiently address issues are a rare combination of traits that have permitted her to rise to a level of excellence few attain. I would not hesitate to recommend her to friends, family and acquaintances. Malik T.

Lynn is a tireless champion of cases and causes she deems worthy. She is incredibly organized and effective. Michael T.

Lynn has all of the qualities that you expect in an attorney. She has an encyclopedic knowledge in law, she is very organized and honest. Her work ethic is extraordinary. Lynn is a pleasure to work with. Lana B.

Lynn has advised me and my family on legal matters and real estate. She is a true professional and is extremely knowledgeable and gives sound, clear advice, and best of all she gets it done and implemented, and with an ease of process that is beyond comparison. I heartily recommend Lynn for any legal needs you have. Patrick C.

I have worked with Lynn in all my financial obligations on all of my homes. She has been my lawyer for over 20 years. At each settlement, Lynn looks at every detail, and has always questioned a minor detail, that would have never been noticed by any other attorney. Lynn is above superior in her professional manner at the settlement table. She is serious, faultless, and impeccable in her skills as a lawyer. I could have chosen to use the realtor's lawyer at a lower cost. This was never an issue, as I knew I would always be using Lynn Boynton. She refinanced seven times for myself and my husband. I recommended her to as many people as I could. There will never be another attorney with the composure and innate confidence that Lynn possesses! Marcia B.

Lynn's estate planning seminar in our church was very helpful, generous, and informative. She is also very compassionate and trustworthy. I hired her to transfer property. She taught me a lot about estate planning. We are lucky to find her. Indraniwaty C.

Lynn has years of very practical experience and is very detailed in helping with your Estate and with settlements. She is one of the most honest, decent persons I have ever met and would highly recommend her. Deborah W.